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We have been hosting psychic fairs off and on since 2000 and every month consistently since 2006 in a 700 sq ft building.  In the latter part of 2008, we were given a message from spirit about doing large-scale events.  Long story short, spirit created the opportunity & here we are.

When coming up with the name “Your Spiritness”, we were looking for a name that connected you to more than just your personal being and your spiritual path.  It needed to be a name that speaks to your spirit self and connects you to it.

Your Spiritness has several goals.  One of the main goals is to provide everyone the opportunity to connect with their spirit, nurture it & let it grow.  Some ways we intend to assist others in accomplishing this is through community events, classes,  shops, and meet ups. 

We hope you will allow your spiritness to be nurtured and bloom because your spirit deserves it!

Because your spirit is here to learn & grow, you are encouraged to nurture it and watch it bloom. 
Watch it unfold to become the beautiful being you are meant to be!

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Your Spiritness Company

2524 Coolidge

Berkley, MI  48072-1573


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Your Spiritness company

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Sponsors for specific shows are added on that show’s page in the “Sponsors Section”.  Please be sure to visit & support each of them.


If you would like to be one of our proud show sponsors, please click here for an application.

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Everyone defines success differently when they attend a show, such as:  advertising, making as much money while there, making contacts, or distributing information.  It's up to you to define what your definition of success is and to try and market yourself accordingly.  
We try our best to advertise the show in an effort to bring in as many vendors and attendees as possible.  In doing so, we know that clients define a successful show by different standards.  It is not our responsibility to define anyone’s success but to do what we can in an attempt to provide the opportunity.  
It is up to the vendors and attendees to do what they will with the opportunity.

All readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only!

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We are currently taking a break from hosting our shows.  Don’t worry!  We will be back!!!!  :)