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about readings & getting one. 

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Text Box: Modalities 
(Styles of Readings) 
& Other Common Words

Angel or Oracle Cards - a form of cards used like the tarot but with different pictures on the face.

Astrology - utilizing your birth date, time & place combined with the cosmos & their alignment gives a rather accurate timeline of occurrences.

Aura - the body’s energy “cloud”

Billets - sometimes know as ‘Blind Billets’, a note, questions, or symbol written on a piece of paper, the reader (may be blindfolded) psychically interprets it.

Chakras - energy centers that run along the middle of the body from tailbone to head.  Corresponding colors are: Root = red, Navel = orange, Solar Plexis = yellow, Heart = green, Throat = blue, Head (3rd eye) = purple, Top of Head = white

Channel - One who works as a go-between for a spirit & live person

Clairaudient - ability to hear

Clairolfaction - ability to smell

Clairsentience - “knowing”  aka sixth sense

Clairvoyance - ability to see

Crystal Ball or Scry - using an object to “see” images.

Divination - the act of giving a reading, not a type of reading

ESP - extra sensory perception - the ability to “feel” or “see” a sixth sense ability

Medium - like a telephone, connects to loved ones passed.

Palmistry - utilizing the various creases, lines, folds, & wrinkles on a hand.

Pendulum - using a weighted object on a chain or string combined with one’s energy field causes the object to swing in various directions.

Precognition - “seeing” or “knowing” something before it happens

Psychic - utilizes a sixth sense to provide insight as to a situation.

Psychokinesis - is the ability to move objects

Psychometry - feelings, sights, images based on touching an object

Stones & Crystals - each stone or crystal gives off a vibration/energy.  Depending on a situation it’s “reaction” may change.

Tarot - Originally used as a card game.  Now used in fortelling of things current or coming up.

Telepathy - mental communication

Trance - one who temporarily “steps aside” to let a spirit in to use the body.

Text Box: How come I ask the same question but get a different answer from each psychic?

Two reasons… 1). as a reader I may be looking at it from one angle, another reader may look at it from another angle & a 3rd might look at it from a totally different angle.  Which one is right?  All of them.  It’s about perspective & which angle the reader is seeing it from.

2). Readers will give you the info they receive.  When you ask the first reader, they will share with you the info they get.  When you go to the next reader, you now have info you did not have before you spoke with the first reader so the next reader gives you what they get which builds onto the info you received from the first reader.  When you visit a third reader, they build on what you have gained from the first two.  

Here’s an interesting point with item #2… none of the readers have to know each other nor have been in contact with each other.  They just share the information they receive from spirit.  It is those in spirit (God, guides, guardian angels, etc) that provide the information you seek.

How come some readers get a really good connection & others don’t?  And why sometimes the same reader may be really “connected” one time & not another.

Being a reader is much like being a cell phone.  Sometimes you have really great service, sometimes no service, sometimes your call gets dropped.  
And if your reader happens to be a medium, in addition to the above, sometimes the person they are trying to connect to will have the same issues or sometimes they will turn off their phone without letting it go to voicemail.

What does ’Free Will’ mean?

It means that a reader may see something based on the current events & circumstances as it relates to that situation at that given point in time.
That does not mean that the information presented in a reading is written in stone or final.  
A reader presents the situation as s/he sees it unfolding based on the path you are on.  You have the power & the ability to change the outcome based on your actions, inactions, or reactions.  
Just like in life, if you’re not happy with your current situation, you have the power to change it.

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