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Your Spiritness Company

2524 Coolidge

Berkley, MI  48072-1573

Phone (248) 677-7906

We hold psychic fairs every month.  They are held on Saturdays from 11a-7p.  Please check our calendar below on the right for our next fair date. Driving directions below.

Although we do not have a lot of space to roam, we are quaint & comfy.  We max out of space around 10 readers.  Because there is not a lot of room for repetition, we strive for a variety of reading styles & quality of readers.

To attend our fairs, just show up!  No appointments are necessary.  Unlike the bigger fairs where each reader sets his/her own prices, we charge one price for each of the readings.  Tickets are sold at the door. 

The price is $20 for up to 10 minutes with any one reader.  We do offer price discounts should you choose to purchase multiple tickets.  We accept cash, checks, Visa & MasterCard. 

In addition, we realize that there are times when you and a reader might not connect as well as either of you might like.  Should this happen, we offer a guarantee.  Our guarantee is that if within the first 2-3 minutes you and/or the reader do not feel as though there is a good connection, simply let us know.  You will have 1 of 2 options:    
1.  You can choose to take your ticket and go to another reader. OR 2.  You can get your money back less any discounts & credit card fees (if applicable).

We almost always have available (free!) coffee & tea.

Please remember: all readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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We’re easy to get to!

We’re located at 2524 Coolidge Hwy in Berkley, Michigan & only a few miles from I-75 & I-696 intersection.

From the North or South:  Take I-75 to I-696.  Go west on I-696 approximately 3 miles.  Use Exit 14 (Coolidge/10 Mile Rd).  Go north on Coolidge 1-1/2 miles.  We’re on your right hand side.

From the East: Take I-696 pass I-75 to the 3rd exit which is Exit 14 (Coolidge/10 Mile Rd).  Go north on Coolidge 1-1/2 miles.  We’re on your right hand side.

From the West:  Take I-96 until it turns into I-696.  (If you pass I-75 - turn around & go back 3 miles!)  Take I-696 to Exit 14 (Coolidge/10 Mile Rd).  Go north on Coolidge 1-1/2 miles.  We’re on your right hand side.

From Woodward Avenue heading south:  Coolidge crosses Woodward just south of 13 Mile Road.  Turn right (southbound) onto Coolidge.  Go south on Coolidge 1-1/2 miles.  We’re on your left hand side.

We’re in a sky blue building with a yellow awning.

Parking - 2 choices: 
                 1. on the street
                 2. just south of us @ Big D Locksmith
You may even get lucky finding other available areas to park @ but either of these 2 are the ones we recommend.

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Other readers to be determined!

FREE Admission!
FREE coffee & tea!

All readings just $20 each!
for up to 10 minutes
with any one reader)

Your Spiritness company

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Everyone defines success differently when they attend a show, such as:  advertising, making as much money while there, making contacts, or distributing information.  It's up to you to define what your definition of success is and to try and market yourself accordingly.  We try our best to advertise the show in an effort to bring in as many vendors and attendees as possible.  In doing so, we know that clients define a successful show by different standards.  It is not our responsibility to define anyone’s success but to do what we can in an attempt to provide the opportunity.  It is up to the vendors and attendees to do what they will with the opportunity.

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