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Hi All!


As many of you may know, I do a lot of volunteer work.† I was raised with the belief that you were supposed to help others in need or less fortunate than yourself.† Somewhere along the way, it just became a part of me to donate: time, money, belongings, etc.


Thus, I have spent many hours, days, & months throughout my life donating my services to various organizations such as American Cancer Society, March of Dimes, AARP, Tax Assistance Programs, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, Tax Counseling For The Elderly, Accounting Aid Society, and many others.


Among the many hours and items I have donated throughout the years, I would like to take a moment and boast of one of those more recent donations.


I had a friend that had been diagnosed with brain cancer back in August 2000.  She lost her beautiful hair to the chemo.  She had stated the wig she had was made of human hair and had talked of how we take things for granted & never realize how important they are until they are gone.  She died in early November 2000.  I had vowed at the time of her statement to donate my hair; which I did in 2001 - to Wigs For Kids - 18".  I have been letting it grow out again since then so that I could donate it, again.


I was recently a vendor at a Womenís Expo.† Another vendor in attendance was Impulse Hair Studio & Day Spa (visit them on fb).† The salon was doing makeovers on the main stage.† I inquired as to their cutting hair and donating it.† They said yes.† We made arrangements to be on the main stage the next day to cut and donate my hair, and most importantly, to raise awareness.† We had two other women donate their hair on the stage as well.† Below are pictures from the event.† My hair is in braids.† Without the braids, it was down to my buttocks.† The hair was donated to Locks of Love.†


Iíd like to take a moment & say THANK YOU to
Impulse Hair Studio & Day Spa
Justin, the Shear Genius,
who has done a wonderfully fabulous job cutting my hair!!!!!!


Pics Below!!

Psycho Chicís† IMPULSE-ive† Donation of Love

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