(Styles of Readings)

& Other Common Words


Angel or Oracle Cards - a form of cards used like the tarot but with
different pictures on the face.


Astrology - utilizing your birth date, time & place combined with the
cosmos & their alignment gives a rather accurate timeline of occurrences.


Aura - the body’s energy “cloud”


Chakras - energy centers that run along the middle of the body from
tailbone to head.  Corresponding colors are: Root = red,
Navel = orange, Solar Plexis = yellow, Heart = green, Throat = blue, Head (3rd eye) = purple, Top of Head = white


Channel - One who works as a go-between for a spirit & live person


Clairaudient - ability to hear


Clairolfaction - ability to smell


Clairsentience - “knowing”  aka sixth sense


Clairvoyance - ability to see


Crystal Ball or Scry - using an object to “see” images.


Divination - the act of giving a reading, not a type of reading


ESP - extra sensory perception - the ability to “feel” or “see” a sixth sense ability


Medium - like a telephone, connects to loved ones passed.


Palmistry - utilizing the various creases, lines, folds, & wrinkles on a hand.


Pendulum - using a weighted object on a chain or string combined with one’s energy field causes the object to swing in various directions.


Precognition - “seeing” or “knowing” something before it happens


Psychic - utilizes a sixth sense to provide insight as to a situation.


Psychokinesis - is the ability to move objects


Psychometry - feelings, sights, images based on touching an object


Stones & Crystals - each stone or crystal gives off a vibration/energy. 
Depending on a situation it’s “reaction” may change.


Telepathy - mental communication


Trance - one who temporarily “steps aside” to let a spirit in to use the body.