Psycho Chic  

I’m a Happy Medium

I am the event coordinator for the Your Spiritness Expos.  When at the shows, it sometimes takes a bit for me to get to you when you want a reading from me.  And, sometimes, during your reading, I may get interrupted - A LOT!  


Thank you for your patience & sincerest understanding!!

Hi All!

As always, I hope you are doing well!

Many have asked how and why do I go by “Psycho Chic”?


Well… here’s my story (& I’m stickin’ to it):


Some years ago I was dating a guy who had never had the lucky & fortunate experience of being psychic or meeting anyone that is.  So, upon demonstrating a few of my gifts, he was so freaked by the experience all that could be said was “OMG!  That’s not psychic, that’s psychotic!  How did you know that?!?!?”  It stuck. From then on, I was known as “Psycho Chic”.


Have I always been psychic?  


Yes, since childhood.  Though not recognized or appreciated until my later years.


Is it easy being psychic?

Depends.  To get a message is easy.  Giving it is not.  Not everyone wants to know.  


How do people respond when they find out I am?

People don’t know how to respond.  They either back away or hope for a free reading.


How long have I been giving readings?

Approximately 20+ years.


How do you know if I’m any good?

Being a reader is much like being a cell phone.  Sometimes you have really great service, sometimes you have no service, and sometimes your call gets dropped.  


In being a medium, in addition to the above, sometimes the person I am trying to connect to will have the same issues or sometimes they will turn off their phone without letting it go to voicemail.


2 things:


1.  if you’re not certain or if I don’t seem to be connecting to you or your situation right away - SAY SOMETHING!  You will not hurt my feelings.  It may be that I am connecting to someone close to you instead.  That would make it their reading & not yours.  Let me know right away & I will let you go at no charge.

2.  if I feel like we (or I) are not connecting, I will say something right away.  At which point, you are free to walk away.


What modalities (styles) do I use when reading?

 (For definitions of these styles and more, click here)

 I utilize quite a variety of styles.  

Including but not limited to:



Angel Cards

“Spiral of Life” cards

Crystal fairy Cards


Glitter Ball



Assistance finding lost items

Internal questions (for those you don’t want to verbalize)


Note:  When you are ever in a reading, whether it be with me or another reader, you always have ‘FREE WILL’.


What does that mean?

It means that a reader may see something based on the current events & circumstances as it relates to that situation at that given point in time.  That does not mean that the information presented in a reading is written in stone or final.  A reader presents the situation as s/he sees it unfolding based on the path you are on.  You have the power & the ability to change the outcome based on your actions, inactions, or reactions.  Just like in life, if you’re not happy with your current situation, you have the power to change it.  

All readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only!



At the shows, I teach a basic, entry-level class designed to give you an introduction on definitions, choosing a psychic, learning how psychics work, and the show: how it’s set up along with a brief overview of who’s who - vendors & readers.

 The class is free to attend with your paid show admission.  It is held on Saturday AND Sunday of each expo from approximately 11:35-12:20.  It does repeat so you do not need to attend both sessions though you are more than welcome to sit in for both.  I’ll try my best to start on time but I could be a few minutes late, depending on what I need to tend to with the door & other volunteers.  Please join me & other attendees for this unique & very informative lecture!


When am I available to give a reading?

Depends.  Generally, you can catch me hiding behind-the-scenes at any of the Your Spiritness expos.  Just find me & let me know you would like a reading.  I’ll let you know if & when I can be available for it.


Please be reminded that I am the event coordinator, therefore, I am running the shows so it may be a bit before I can get to you, if at all, and it is possible for us to get interrupted quite a bit but I will try to make every effort I can to avoid interruptions or at least tack on extra time if & when possible.

Can’t make it to one of the shows?

No problem.  I can do readings by email, phone, or appointment.

How much do I charge?

$20 for 10 minutes


Can I do home parties or other special events?

 Yes.  Generally with a minimum of 5 or more paid readings and the host/hostess gets their 10 minute reading for FREE.


Want to contact me?

My email is...